Stroke Your Ugly Little Cock and Watch Me Come

Baby Sid Cuckolds her sub and Comes on hard cock

Baby Sid knows exactly what you like – her gorgeous, tattooed body, her talented hands, her soft warm mouth, those sexy curves encased in that slinky lingerie, and the way she worships your cock like it’s something Indiana Jones brought back from a South American temple.

Well, not your cock. Your cock is small and pathetic, and probably not hard enough to satisfy this goddess even if she were interested in it in the first place. Unfortunately for you, though, your dick is attached to you, and you are also small and pathetic and uninteresting. The only thing about you that’s worth Baby Sid’s time is your torment – the agony you go through when you have to watch her handle a real man’s dick, like the one on her Daddy, who has stopped by expressly to help her show you how a real man fucks a queen.

She’s given you enough rope to stroke your ugly little cock, even though you’re in restraints in the next room watching, but it’s a small mercy, given how much she enjoys her Daddy’s tongue and cock; your pleasure is totally insignificant, and you know you’ll never be able to satisfy this Daddy’s Girl (she has it tattooed right above her pussy), considering how much trouble you have getting yourself off. I mean, even when she lets you. The only thing you really have to offer is your frustration.

Daddy knows how to eat pussy, he knows how to fuck Baby Sid, and he knows what she needs – hard cock and a firm hand. You don’t have either, which is why you’re in handcuffs and a mask while she gets everything she needs in a different room. From the moment she brings that big Daddy dick out of his pants to the time when he pumps his big load onto those perfect tits and that pretty face, she’s getting something you can never give her. Sucks to be you…

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