Filthy Femdom | Livestream Helena Locke

Preview: Livestream Helena Locke

Livestream with Helena Locke: Preview Hey Submissives! Do you wonder what your favorite Dommes are up to? Maybe, you are a Dominant kinkster looking for inspiration from a Femdom Mistress. Either way, we got you covered. Filthy Femdom and Mistress Helena Locke teamed up to bring you the...

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Filthy Femdom | Dr. Torn's Teasing Treatment | Cherry Torn JOI

Dr. Cherry Torn’s Teasing Treatments

Whatever you thought your problem was before you walked into the office of Dr. Cherry Torn, you have a new one now, which is that Dr. Torn – Cherry to her friends, but Doctor to you – isn’t happy with the way you’ve been jacking off. Before Dr. Cherry Torn’s Teasing Treatments, you...

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Gia Dimarco's Perfect Feet

Gia’s Perfect Feet

Filthy Femdom is proud to present Gia’s Perfect Feet. Foot lovers rejoice! This week we have a foot fetish scene from the stunning Gia Dimarco that will have you dreaming about her mouth-watering toes. You’ve been waiting all night, like a total creep, under Gia’s bed, just so you...

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Cherry Torn Q&A

Femdom Q&A with Cherry Torn

What is lesbian cuckolding?  Cuckolding is a type of power exchange with one-sided openness. The dominant partner has the freedom to be with others while the submissive partner is denied. Mainstream portrayal of this is often a female with a cuckolded male partner seeking outside...

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How to Please Your Mistress: Foot Fetish

How to Please Your Mistress – Foot Worship

There are many ways to serve your Mistress—and almost as many places on her divine body to worship. Depending on her mood, she may instruct you to do so out of her own need for pleasure. Under different circumstances, she might be rewarding your good behavior by letting your hands (or...

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Natalie Mars is Bossy in Latex

Natalie Mars in Bossy in Latex

Get on your knees and behold a sexy and seductive Natalie Mars dressed head to toe in shiny latex. She sees the look in your eyes – you want to worship her, but she knows you are just a pathetic little slave.  Will you be lucky enough to get close to her? Are you deserving enough to...

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Blackmailed Starring Mimosa

Blackmailed by Mimosa

You’ve made it to Mimosa’s hotel room on time, but that’s not enough to redeem your sorry ass. Unlucky for you, your troubles have only just begun despite the smile on her face. You see, you’re about to get a taste of your own medicine and it sure doesn’t taste good. The fact that you...

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Lily Lane Masturbates While She Makes Fun of You

Lily Lane Masturbates While Making Fun of You

The luscious Lily Lane sits at the edge of the bed wearing a gorgeous latex outfit with her legs spread wide open. Just a normal day in her Lily’s dungeon and you’re lucky she’s invited you in. She’s horny, and that’s a fact. It’s made clear by the way she’s running her...

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How to Please Your Mistress with Gia Dimarco

How to Please Your Mistress – Pegging 101

Many implements may come to mind when one pictures their Mistress. The flogger, crop, and cane are all common accouterments that serve as both accessories and weapons. Dressed head-to-toe in a latex catsuit she might choose to add some shiny, black boots or a corset to her attire, but...

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