Whatever you thought your problem was before you walked into the office of Dr. Cherry Torn, you have a new one now, which is that Dr. Torn – Cherry to her friends, but Doctor to you – isn’t happy with the way you’ve been jacking off. Before Dr. Cherry Torn’s Teasing Treatments, you might have come in thinking you had a pretty good handle on your masturbation technique, but you don’t have a degree in Wankology, do you? Doctor Cherry does, though, and she thinks speed isn’t your ally here – it’s not serving you or your potential partners at all to be getting off in such a hurry.

A little endurance training is the cure for what ails you, and the doctor is going to help you hold off on that load for a while – a little over thirteen minutes, to be precise. It shouldn’t be that hard (the task, that is; your cock should be very hard – if it isn’t, while you’re watching her slowly strip down, teasing you with her soft skin, her perfect 34C tits, and eventually a peek at her full ass and delicious pussy. Then you’ve got some bigger problems than endurance). Surely you can stay the course – it’s less than a quarter of an hour, even if she is making it very difficult to go slow down. Biology says to spill that seed, but Dr. Torn says…well, she also says to spill it, but on her schedule, not yours.

She has confidence in you, though; she knows that you can follow her instructions exactly, that you can stay hard and not cum too fast, even while she describes how her tits would bounce if you were fucking her, how good her big ass would feel – and taste, and smell – if you had your face buried between her cheeks, and how easily she could squeeze a load out of you if your cock were buried in her pussy. That pussy, she says, is the Holy Grail, and even if that’s more religion than medicine, still you have to trust your doctor. After all, she trusts that you won’t disappoint her by blowing your load before she finishes her countdown, and you don’t want your doctor to lose faith in your ability to follow instructions, do you?

Really, she only has your best interests at heart.

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