One thing that connects almost every human is the singular drive for sexual gratification. Orgasms. That sparkling, explosive feeling that has the ability to consume one’s entire body. That smooth, collective relief that resolves even the most pent up of frustrations.

But suppose sexual release were to be denied altogether? Consider instead, you were instructed to not touch yourself for days, sometimes weeks on end. Imagine your genitals were to be locked up behind a cold, stainless-steel cage with someone else holding the key. And now, let’s picture that this someone is entirely gorgeous, more cunning and more powerful than you ever could be. Now, you have found yourself in chastity. And, who knows how long you will be here.

You may be wondering, “why would anyone agree to something so severe?”

Why would someone relinquish the total comfort and satisfaction of their sexual organs to another human being? And so I ask you—is it so unthinkable that a submissive may be so deeply inspired by a dominant’s capabilities that they would surrender their most intimate parts to them? Is it so far beyond the reaches of your imagination to think that maybe the most gratifying act a slave can experience is performing their devotion so completely by saying, “Mistress, you own my pleasure, my orgasms, and my genitals. In fact, you own all of me, I am yours.”

Or maybe this isn’t novel to you. Maybe you’re slightly curious, having always enjoyed being teased by a luscious, feminine partner. Watching her big tits and juicy ass sway in front of you, just out of reach. You often notice the space between your legs becoming warm and slightly swollen. You relish becoming painfully aware of the tightness in your jeans as your dick throbs watching her move—throbbing harder the longer she makes you wait.

Now imagine that there is a metal cage trapping your cock and it’s becoming tighter. She continues to taunt you with her delicious, wet pussy but you’ve become distracted by the clenching tight body of your chastity device. The pressure and squeezing only intensifies your desire as her voice gets louder demanding you to pay attention. Now you can only focus on her latex corset just beneath her giant, beautiful breasts. You want to worship them, to run your tongue all over stopping only to suck on her perfect nipples. But the thought of it starts to make the cage a little bit tighter—the skin of your cock begins to spill into the spaces between. The situation you have found yourself in is complicated at best. Still, you are pushed to submit because you know that pleasing her is the fastest way to get your release. She dangles the tiny, gold key in front of your face and the glowing light of her dungeon makes it shimmer.

You struggle to keep your hands away or maybe they are bound. You may be seated in front of her or kept in a cage just larger than yourself. She might be a new Mistress every time or a familiar face. Maybe you’ve been here before and have jacked off to her a thousand times—sometimes seeking instructions. Perhaps, you’ve come here knowing exactly what you want and are sure this is the place you will find it. An experienced and eager slave, you are aware of the value of a skilled Mistress and you know that one of the best ways to please her is to familiarize yourself with her work. Absorb it all so that you don’t miss a single cue. You’ll want to make yourself useful—obedience and attentiveness will bring you closer to your ultimate reward.

Whatever your experience level, it’s certainly clear to you now much more lies beyond tease and denial than you once assumed. Maybe you will find on your own that after some time of abstaining from sexual pleasure your orgasms will be more intense, more gratifying. Once you’ve abstained as much as you think you can you decide to take that a step further with chastity. You’re ready to externalize your denial and seek a witness in a Mistress. What could be better than exploring that in the care of some of the world’s most skilled Femdoms? Now you have the opportunity to experience Helena Locke’s cool and collected control, Ashley Paige’s conviction and heat, and Lily Lane’s caddy, catlike sexuality. These are just a few of the legendary mistresses who are fully capable of pushing you to the edges of desire (and deprivation).

What are you waiting for? Hand over the key.



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